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Related article: Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 14:31:59 +0800 From: Ben Ng Subject: The Big Game: After the Big Game 5************************************************************** I have started a Google Group where I put my most updated stories since it takes time for nifty to process them. Like my stories? Email me at **************************************************************After the Big Game 5Even at dinner time, the guys are still talking about what happened in the afternoon. They were still amazed at the turn of events: Mike, who was the biggest jerk in the team, ended up sucking Josh's cock. And now they are... sort of like friends, which is weird. Rick was still suspicious, as usual, and advised Josh to take it slowly, but Josh's aggressive nature took over."I don't mind fucking Mike, you know." Josh supported his head with his arms, clearly deep in thought."Aren't you content just having me as your boyfriend?" Ben asked."Well, you have TWO boyfriends, so how's that for being content?""Yeah, I guess you're right. I guess I should fuck you till you are so sore you can't think of anyone else." Ben laughed. Josh gave him a dirty look. It's funny... when Mike tried to rape him, he's the last person Josh would think about having sex with, but seeing his hot body and sucking his cock today suddenly put him in different light. For the rest of the dinner, Josh was unusually quiet. Ben and Rick could tell he was seriously thinking about fucking Mike. The three of them went back to their room after dinner."So, what's for desert?" Ben asked."I don't think Josh is in the mood to play." Rick observed. Indeed, Josh just sat on the bed, deep in thought. He didn't even hear their conversations."JOSH!" Ben yelled right next to Josh's ear.`What the fuck!" Josh jumped and looked around in shock."What the hell are you thinking about?""I can't get Mike's body out of my mind. The Preteen Model Nymphets golden hair on his body looked so sexy.""You are such a whore! Do you fall for any guy you meet?""No, just the jocks.""All the guys on the team are jocks!""Yeah, I guess you have a point." Josh just drifted back to his thoughts. Ben looked at Rick with an expression that says "can you believe it?""You know what a whore he is. That's why you love him." Rick said coolly."I like him better when he's into me!" Ben threw up his hands in disbelief."Rick, that leaves you now. You got to help me. I haven't had any all day!" Ben pleaded."I told you I'm not your whore.""I can't believe it. I have two boyfriends but no one would put out with me!""That's too bad for you. Looks like you got to use your hands tonight." Rick tried hard to suppress a smile. Whenever Ben doesn't get sex, he gets anxious, pacing around like an animal in heat. So Rick simply enjoyed watching Josh daydreaming about Mike while Ben paced around trying to get his fix. Living with these two guys is crazy, but never dull."There is only one way to solve this." Ben suddenly got serious, squinted his eyes and stared at Rick. "Get Mike in here." This time Rick threw up his hands in defeat. This is like a circus."Look at him! It's like he missed his fix or something!" Ben pointed at Josh who was still daydreaming."And you? Pacing around the room whenever you don't get sex?""Yeah... that too. You are my best friend and boyfriend! Do something!""Fine. Go get Mike. I don't care.""Josh, wait here. I'll go get him. He'll make you feel all better." Ben immediately went to the door. As if on cue, there was a knock on the door. Ben opened and... guess who it was... Mike was standing there."Um, am I interrupting something?" Mike asked tentatively."No, we were just talking about you. Come in." Rick said. Mike walked in but there was a strange atmosphere in the room. Everyone looked awkward. Josh's eyes sparkled once he saw Mike and his gaze burned holes in him. Ben looked jealous, and Rick looked like he didn't care."I was just wondering... since Josh is staying the weekend... can I hang around too?""You still want to fuck Josh?" Ben asked."Um... yeah... if he doesn't mind." Mike looked at Josh with pleading eyes."He doesn't mind. He's been fantasizing about you." Ben said as he positioned Mike right in front of Josh."Really?" Mike asked, almost couldn't believe his ears. Josh looked up at Mike and his eyes were filled with lust. All of a sudden Josh reached up and ripped Mike's t-shirt off his body, then began touching all over his chest, playing with his soft fur and nipples. Mike was taken aback by his sudden attack but moaned as Josh played with his nipples. In no time Josh ripped off Mike's pants as well and started smelling and licking his jock."You are still wearing the same jock from this afternoon?""Yeah." Mike said, a bit embarrassed. Mike was known to wear the same jock, sometimes for days. Josh seemed to like the intense smell."Josh, don't ever kiss me again." Ben was disgusted by Mike's lack of hygiene.Josh didn't seem to hear him. He kept smelling the jock, burying his nose deep in it. The jock was so worn that it had brown stains everywhere. Ben and Rick couldn't understand how anyone can wear something like that."It's my lucky jock. I wear it when we have competitions.""And you don't wash it?""Not until the football season is over.""Oh my God! But you wear it every day?""Only on days with football practice...""Dumb jocks with their superstitions." Rick whispered in Ben's ear. Ben shook his head.After inhaling deeply, Josh finally lowered the jock to expose his hefty seven inch cock. Just as this afternoon, it was rock hard, bursting with veins and leaking precum. It looked menacing. Without another word, Josh devoured it whole, just like before. Mike groaned."I don't want to cum in your mouth this time. I want to fuck you." Mike whispered.Josh gave his cock a few more slurps, then got up, got some lube and a condom, and prepared Mike's cock. Mike was beaming. In no time, Josh has lubed his hole and Mike's cock. Josh then leaned back, threw his legs up and opened his whole. Mike, still standing next to the bed, just pushed in. He let out a loud moan."Ah... this feels so good. I haven't had a fuck in such a long time..." Mike's voice was shaking and Preteen Model Nymphets he pushed in. Josh's hands were reaching up and caressing Mike's chest hair. For some reason Josh was obsessed with his hair. Slowly, Mike pushed in and out, gradually increasing speed. Josh was looking up at Mike with lust in his eyes."I can't believe I'm watching my boyfriend fuck another guy!" Ben's voice sounded both disappointed and confused.Mike continued to increase speed, his breathing quickened and he was thrusting at a frantic pace. It looked like he was already approaching climax. With several quick, deep thrusts, Mike pulled out, removed the condom and shot an impressive load all over Josh's chest and stomach. He let out a satisfying sigh."That was... quick." Ben observed. Compared to his marathon fucking, anything seemed quick, but Mike was only fucking for less than ten minutes."Yeah, I was too horny. I kept thinking about Josh's ass since this afternoon.""Do you want a second round?" Ben asked."No, I'm done. I need to rest after each cum."Ben frowned. He couldn't understand. "You mean, you only fucked for ten minutes, and you need to rest? And this afternoon... you came within five minutes, and you were done?"Mike was red in the face. "Yeah, I cum quickly when I'm horny.""Right... but you are always horny, Preteen Model Nymphets aren't you?""I... well..." Mike didn't know what to say."Give this guy a break. Not everyone fucks like you." Rick added."How long can you last?" Mike asked curiously."An hour... or two if I want." Ben said casually.Mike's jaw dropped. "Are you kidding me?""No, ask Josh. I fuck him a lot."Mike looked over at Josh and he nodded. "You got to show me!" Mike looked at Ben incredulously, like he worshipped him or something.Ben looked at the clock. "Ok, it's 8:30. I have a project to work on tonight, so I can only do it for an hour or so."Ben started peeling off his clothes and Mike kept staring at him with an open mouth. Although the team showered together often, Mike has never seen Ben hard. He was amazed at how thick Ben's cock was."Watch and learn, young Jedi." Ben winked at Mike as he slipped into Josh's ass. Immediately he started pumping at a steady pace."Pay attention to his moans and see when it's the loudest. That's when I'm hitting his prostate. But as you do it more, you'd know where it is." Ben instructed as he kept pumping. He looked so casual and relaxed, like he was doing his morning jog.Sure enough, Ben hit a spot and Josh kept moaning. "See, got it. Now keep thrusting at the same angle and force. It drives him crazy." Mike was still watching agape."Are you seriously teaching another guy to fuck your boyfriend?" Rick chided.Ben shrugged. "Just sharing my experience. You don't mind, do you?" Ben looked at Josh. Josh was too busy moaning. "Do you?" Ben looked at Mike, whose jaw still dropped, but shook his head slowly."It's like running a marathon. You don't sprint until you approach the finishing line." Ben kept pumping while Josh kept moaning. "Kind of like all those miles coach makes us run?""You notice how I always start slow, but I always catch up with you guys at the end?" Ben continued while Mike just nodded. "I pace myself."By now, Ben has been fucking Josh for fifteen minutes, still using the same tempo. "You can alternate between shallow and deep strokes. If you keep using deep strokes you'd cum in minutes.""But when you are horny, you kind of like... want to finish off quickly, right?" Mike asked."Yeah, that's why I like to do the long fuck the second time. I last much longer that way.""The second time?""Yeah, cum once, rest for ten minutes, do it again.""I usually get exhausted after I cum.""You train hard too. Your body should be able to take it.""Not everyone can recover that quickly, Ben." Rick chimed in. Ben shrugged while continuing to pound on Josh."No wonder the girls are crazy about you. I thought it was because you are quarterback, but this...""Nah, not every girl can take this. It gets uncomfortable after a while and they beg me to finish off." Mike shook his head in disbelief. By now, the time approached thirty minutes."Believe me, it gets boring after a while." Rick said. "Especially when you see this every week.""Yeah, like you don't join in, huh?" Ben asked while Mike looked at Rick incredulously."I'm not a sex fiend like you two. And, I am actually an `A' student, you know?""I don't mind being a `B' student if I get to fuck more often." Ben laughed. Josh started to moan louder and his hands went to stroke his cock."That means he's approaching climax. When he does, his ass clamps down on my cock. To avoid cumming, I stop for a while." Ben kept his cock buried deep in Josh's ass but didn't move. Josh's breathing quickened and his body started to tremble."I usually finish him off and kiss his neck or blow into his ears. He likes that." Ben said as he started jerking Josh's cock."Cum for me, baby." Ben whispered in Josh's ear. Josh groaned and cum started flying out of his cock and onto his chest and stomach, adding to Mike's dried cum."See? One happy camper." Ben winked at Mike. Mike was speechless. Ben was nowhere close to cumming. He resumed his steady strokes. The only noticeable difference was the thin layer of sweat now coating Ben's muscular body, but his breathing was not even hard."Now, as we approach the last quarter, it gets more interesting." Ben started using quicker strokes. Josh just finished cumming and now he's being pounded again. His arm is now over his head, Preteen Model Nymphets an expression of both pleasure and agony on his face."It's like you've been running uphill, and now the last stretch of road is downhill, and you can see the finishing line in front of you.""Now, THIS you got to watch." Rick signaled for Mike to pay attention. Ben started thrusting faster and faster, each time slapping hard on Josh's ass. Josh's body was pushed forward and the whole bed was shaking, but Ben didn't care. He just kept pounding, harder and harder. Mike could clearly hear the slapping sounds as Ben slammed into Josh.Ben leaned forward to kiss Josh, and they started tongue wrestling. By now, both Ben and Josh were covered in sweat. Ben's sweat dropped onto Josh's chest, mixing with the cum already on it. Very soon, Ben was fucking Josh at a frantic pace, and all Mike could hear was "slap, slap, slap, slap", the sound of Ben's balls slapping against Preteen Model Nymphets Josh's ass. Mike has never seen anything so wild.As Ben kept pounding, Josh was moaning loudly again. "I'm cumming again!" Without touching his cock, Josh let out another load, though only a few drops came out."I usually time it so that I cum with him the second time. So... here we goooooooo!" Ben made a few more deep strokes then buried himself deep in Josh's ass and unloaded into him. The hour-long fucking caused him to climax uncontrollably, shooting volley after volley of cum. When it was almost done, Ben pulled out and milked the remaining cum out of his cock, onto Josh's already messy body."Now you have three guys cum and four loads on your chest." Ben said as he used his hands to mix up all the cum and sweat and smeared it all around. It was nasty."Who wants to drink this cum?" Ben asked, holding up his cum filled hands. Josh took Ben's hand and started licking the cum off."I knew you were the dirty one!" Ben laughed heartily.Looking at the clock, Ben noted, "9:35. Time for my project." He got up and walked to the bathroom naked. The sound of the shower came shortly."That was... hot." Mike was dumbfounded."Quite a show, huh?" Rick noted."I got to come here more often." Mike said, still mesmerized. "I could learn something.""Well, practice makes perfect, my friend." Josh got up, rubbing his sore ass."You guys do this... every week?""Yeah, I'd do it more often, but I can only come on the weekends.""Damn.""So, you are welcomed to drop by tomorrow, but now I've got to prepare for exam on Monday, and I believe Josh is out too, right?" Rick looked at Josh as he asked."Yeah, my ass is all sore. I need to rest." Josh said. However, Mike's cock was hard again after seeing all the action. He has been stroking it during the sex show."You wouldn't want to suck me again, would you?" Mike asked, but he knew it was a long shot."No, but you can ask Rick. He hasn't had any action all day." Josh said. Mike looked at Rick hopefully."Give me one good reason why I should suck you." Rick looked at Mike with a stern look."Because... I'm horny?" Mike stared helplessly at Rick, who found his horny dumb jock look both funny and pathetic. He couldn't help but laughed out loud."You are pathetic! Fine, at least you made me laugh. I'll do you a favor." Rick motioned Mike to come to him."Thanks man, you are a life saver." Mike walked towards Rick and pushed forward. His hard cock entered Rick's mouth easily. Rick was the best cocksucker in the group, and in no time he had Mike moaning in ecstasy."Oh my god, you are so good... damn, that tongue of yours... ah... shit... ah... I'm cumming!" Mike shot his load into Rick who swallowed it whole. He quickly pulled out.`That was... quick." Rick didn't expect Mike to cum in only three minutes. "I think you just broke your own record."Mike was so embarrassed. "I can't control it when I'm horny. It just comes.""I guess you got to come here more often then. You need intense endurance training." Rick said in a serious tone, as though he was a personal trainer at a gym. Mike nodded in agreement."I'll give you a hand when I'm here." Josh winked at Mike.So, has the awesome threesome become fearsome foursome? Are their relationships getting more complicated? Stay tuned.
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